Om könsbalans i förskolan

Den här rapporten borde väcka uppmärksamhet:

Dear colleagues,

Kari and I want to inform you about an important new study from Oslo, Norway, showing the benefits of gender-mixed ECEC teams for children’s development. The major result:

We find that children who get their first offer of child care enrollment in a child care center with a higher share of male staff, perform better on tests in language and mathematics in the early years of school.

The study is a very solid quantitative research done by the Norwegian bureau of statistics. Read more here:

We think this is a very important study which should be spread around. It is now widely discussed in Norway. The report is in english (with an Norwegian abstract on page 3).

With best wishes for 2018 for all of you,

Kari Emilsen & Tim Rohrmann


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