En av dessa dagar

Det går en direkt linje från Sophie Tucker till Trazan och Banarne.

C E7 Am
Some of these days, you’ll miss your honey,

C E7 Am
Some of these days, you’ll feel so lonely.

A7 D7
You’ll miss my hugging, you’ll miss my kisses —

Am7 D7 Am7 D7 G7
You’ll miss me, Honey, when you go away.

C C7 F
I feel so lonely just for you only,

A7 Dm Dm7/C
For you know, Honey, you’ve had your way.

E7 F Cdim C A#7 A7
And when you leave me, I know you’ll grieve me;

D7 G7 C
You’ll miss your little honey some of these days.


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