Skulle Sverige vara ett femininiserat samhälle?

Jag får en länk till ett redskap där olika kulturer jämförs i sex dimensioner.


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4 Responses to Skulle Sverige vara ett femininiserat samhälle?

  1. Niklas says:

    The absence of women’s voices in Hofstede’s Cultural Consequences: A postcolonial reading: “Embedded in Western scientific rationality, Hofstede’s model on national culture is constructed on a quantitative method, which among other things is characterized by its carefully selected sample consisting of a group of well educated white “men” from the middle classes working for the same company and sharing identical or similar occupations. The appointment of well educated men from the middle classes as the norm for national culture might mislead one to believe that Hofstede perceives of culture as equally distributed among men and women and that there are no differences in regard to the possession of power. However, considering that he has dedicated one of his five dimensions to gender and constructed his model on a bipolar distinction between masculinity and femininity this is clearly not the case. The purpose of the paper is to show that Hofstede’s masculine/feminine dimension unveils a distinct perception of gender differences, even though women’s voices were kept silent in his survey.”


    • Mats says:

      Inser att den här modellen kräver en viss ansträngning.

      Kanske är polariteteten manligt-kvinnligt feltänkt? Varför skulle lågt maskulinitetsvärde indikera hög feminitetet?

      Går det att tänka sig ett avkönat samhälle?


    • Kristian says:

      Man talar även om WEIRD:
      “In 2010, a group of researchers reported a systemic bias in psychology studies towards WEIRD (“western, educated, industrialized, rich and democratic”) subjects.[188] Although only 1/8 people worldwide fall into the WEIRD classification, the researchers claimed that 60–90% of psychology studies are performed on WEIRD subjects. ”

      Det vill säga att man de flesta studier börjar med Amerikanska universitetsstuderande.


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